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Add Privacy and Beauty to Your Home...

Now you can protect your home from the harmful effects of the sun's heat and ultraviolet rays while adding privacy and beauty to your residence.
Tintconnection can install window film quickly, with minimum disruption, while the benefits of improved comfort, enhanced appearance, reduced fading and decreased glare last for many years.
With installation of window tinting by Tintconnection, you can reduce damage from interior fading, thus extending the life and protecting the appearance of your furniture, draperies and rugs. Fading is caused by solar heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. Window films reduce solar energy and reject approximately 98 percent of ultraviolet rays. Window tinting acts as a "sun screen" for your interior furnishings.

A Smart Investment for Energy Efficiency and Solar Protection...

Tinting windows in your home enhances its appearance, protects your privacy, and can save you a significant amount of money over time. Ultraviolet radiation, if left unchecked, can fade your carpet and home furnishings and take the luster out of your investments. Window tinting eliminates harmful UV rays by 99%. In the summer, tinted windows reduce harsh glare and daytime heat by as much as 77%. In the winter, tinting insulates glass and helps your home retain heat. The result is, you will realize a significant reduction in your utility savings and environmental comfort.

Window films come in a variety of shades and colors providing different looks and performance levels. You can choose from lighter more subtle films that you will hardly notice, or darker and more reflective films. All window films will enhance the look of your home, giving the glass a more modern and contemporary appearance.
Tintconnection will provide you with samples and recommendations so you can choose the perfect window film for your home.